600+ Poker Books - A Bibliography

(alphabetical by Title of Book)

by Rich McComas (updated May 16, 2004)


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There are four versions of this list, grouped by Date, Author, Genre, and Title.



11 Days To 7-Stud Success, by Caro, Mike (1987), 20pp

12 Days to Hold'em Success, by Caro, Mike (1987), 28pp

1658 Poker Games - and One Joke, by Ruggles, Rick (2003), 212pp (ISBN: 1-593301-33-2)

2004 Insider Secrets to Online Poker, by Unknown (2004), 200+pp

5/6 Option - Anything for Low, by Payne, John (1992)

7 Card Stud - 42 Lessons - The Complete Course in Winning at Medium and Lower Limits, by West, Roy (2002), 156pp (ISBN: 1-88446-621-4)

77 Ways to Get the Edge at Casino Poker - Playing and Beating the Best, by Renzey, Fred (2002), 250pp (ISBN: 1-56625-174-5)

8-Or-Better High-Low-Split 7-Stud, by Coddington, K A (1986)

A B C's of Poker, by Wallace, Frank R (1980) (ISBN: 0-91175-231-5)

Academie Universelle des Jeux, by Anonymous (1717) (ISBN: Note: First to describe "poque", Translated to English in 1750)

According to Doyle - Poker Wisdom from the World Champion, by Brunson, Doyle (1984), 185pp (ISBN: 0-89746-003-0)

According to Hoyle - 1742-1850 - A Bibliography of Editions, by Rather, John (1983)

According to Hoyle - 1936, by Frey, Richard (1936)

According to Hoyle - 1996, by Gaminara, William (1996) (ISBN: 1-854593-55-2)

Accuracy of Poker, by Elias, Samir (2001), 136pp (ISBN: 0-970818-00-9)

Aces and Eights (a novel), by Thackrey, Ted Jr (1989) (ISBN: 0-5151-0080-3)

Adam Steele #22 - The Big Game, by Gilman, George G (aka Terry Harknett) (1982) (ISBN: 0-523414-55-2)

Advanced Poker Strategy and Winning Play, by Livingston, A D (1975) (ISBN: 0-87980-296-0)

Aggressive Behavior In A Small Social Group - Bluffing, Risking, And The Desire To Beat . . . Studied by the Use of a Poker Game as an Experimental Technique, by Riddle, Ethel Maris (1925), 19pp (ISBN: LOC# BF21.A7)

Ainslie's Complete Hoyle, by Ainslie, Tom (1975), 526pp (ISBN: 0-6712-1967-7)

Alaskan Poker Stories, by Gilbert, Kenneth (1958), 46pp

Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People, by Preston, Amarillo Slim (2003), 272pp (ISBN: 0-224071-01-7)

Amazing Face Reading, by Fulfer, Mac (2001)

An Exposure of the Art and Miseries of Gambling, by Green, Jonathan H (1834) (ISBN: Note: Mentions poker as a cheating game, written in 1834 not pub till 1843)

An Unusual Evening of Poker, by Liston, James F (1991), 57pp (ISBN: 0-533092-35-3)

Analysis of Five and Seven Card Poker (An), by Davis, A D (1959)

Ante - I Raise You Ten, by Anonymous (Year?)

Antique Gambling Chips with Price Guide and Chip Codes, by Seymour, Dale (1985), 285pp (ISBN: 0-961427-31-0)

Archer Method (The) - An Expert's Guide to Winning at Poker, by Archer, John (1978), 160pp (ISBN: 0-87980-362-2)

Art of Dealing Poker, by Mangarella, Michael A (1991), 208pp (ISBN: 1-877725-12-9)

Art of Deception, by Mitnick, Kevin (2002)

Autocrat of the Poker Table (The) - How to Play the Game to Win, by Brown, Garrett (1905), 105pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1253.B8)

Avery Cardoza's Power Poker Strategy, by Cardoza, Avery D (1997), 224pp (ISBN: 0-94068-564-7)

Awesome Profits - From Kitchen Poker Table to Tournament Final Table, by Elias, George (1993), 383pp (ISBN: 0-963535-52-8)

Bad Beat - With Joe Crow's Rules for Poker and Life, by Hautman, Pete (1998)

Bad Beats and Lucky Draws  - Poker Strategies, Winning Hands, and Stories from the Professional Poker Tour , by Helmuth, Phil (2004)

Basics of Winning Poker (The), by Allen, J Edward (1985), 48pp (ISBN: 0-960761-87-X)

Best Gambling Stories, by Welcome, John (1961)

Best of Cappelletti on Omaha (The) - A Compilation of Articles and Columns Written by an Expert on the Game , by Cappelletti, Michael (1990), 106pp

Bibliographies of Works on Playing Cards and Gaming, by Jessel, Frederic (1905)

Bibliography of Card Games and of the History of the Playing-Cards, by Horr, Norton T (1892), 79pp

Big Blind (The) - Novel of High Stakes, Lost Love & Poker, by Wener, Louise  (2003), 343pp (ISBN: 0-340820-31-4)

Big Book of Poker (The), by Warren, Ken (2004), 304pp (ISBN: 1-58042-113-X)

Big Book of Poker Slang, by Vorhaus, John (1996), 42pp

Big Deal (The) - A Year as a Professional Poker Player, by Holden, Anthony (1990), 306pp (ISBN: 0-552138-38-X)

Big Julie of Vegas, by Linn, Ed (1974), 218pp

Biggest Game in Town (The), by Alvarez, Alfred (1983), 185pp (ISBN: 0-395339-64-2)

Bobby Baldwin's Winning Poker Secrets, by Caro, Mike (1979), 256pp (ISBN: 1-58042-129-6)

Body Language of Poker (The) - Caro's Book of Tells, by Caro, Mike (1993), 352pp (ISBN: 0-89746-100-2)

Body Language, by Fast, Julius (1988), 208pp (ISBN: 0-671673-25-4)

Bohn's Handbook of Games (American Reprint), by Bohn (1850) (ISBN: Note: Describes "poker" in appendix)

Calamity Jane and the Lady Wildcats, by Aikman, Duncan (1927), 347pp (ISBN: 0-803259-11-5)

Cappelletti on Omaha - How To Win at Omaha Poker, by Cappelletti, Michael (1989), 61pp

Card Games and How to Play Them Based on Edmond Hoyle (Little Blue Book #847), by Smith, Lloyd E (1925), 64pp

Card Player Digest - The Best of Card Player Magazine 1988-1994, by Smith, Dana & Johnson, Linda (1995), 213pp (ISBN: 1-884466-23-0)

Card Player's Travel Guide, by Forshee, Eddie J (1995) (ISBN: 0-964470-20-9)

Card Sharpers - Their Tricks Exposed, by Houdin, Robert (1983)

Card Sharps, Dream Books, & Bucket Shops, by Fabian, Ann (1990)

Cardz Gamez Poker, by Eaton, Donald D (2001), 100pp (ISBN: 1-55212-597-1)

Caro on Gambling, by Caro, Mike (Year?) (ISBN: 0-89746-029-4)

Caro's Book of Poker Tells - The Psychology and Body Language of Poker (a reprint of 1993 The Body Language of Poker), by Caro, Mike (2003), 352pp (ISBN: 1-58042-082-6)

Caro's Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker , by Caro, Mike (2000) (ISBN: 1-88006-900-8)

Caro's Guide to Doyle Brunson's Super/System, by Caro, Mike (Year?), 86pp

Caro's Major Poker Seminar (60 min video), by Caro, Mike (Year?), 60mpp

Caro's Power Poker Seminar (60 min video), by Caro, Mike (Year?), 60mpp

Caro's Pro Poker Tells (90 min video), by Caro, Mike (Year?), 90mpp

Casino Poker without Fear, by Oliver, Gary (1996) (ISBN: 0-96359-092-8)

Championship Hold'em - Limit Hold'em Cash Game Strategies and Tournament Tactics, by McEvoy, Tom & Cloutier, T J (2002), 318pp (ISBN: 1-88446-600-1)

Championship No-Limit and Pot-Limit Hold'em - On the Road to the World Series of Poker, by Cloutier, T J & McEvoy, Tom (1997), 216pp (ISBN: 1-88446-631-1)

Championship Omaha - Omaha High-Low, Omaha High and Pot-Limit Omaha, by McEvoy, Tom & Cloutier, T J (1999), 232pp (ISBN: 1-88446-627-3)

Championship Satellite Strategy, by McEvoy, Tom & Daugherty, Brad (2003), 207pp (ISBN: 1-88556-639-7)

Championship Stud - 7-Card Stud, Stud/8, Razz, by Stern, Max & McEvoy, Tom & Johnson, Linda (1998), 206pp (ISBN: 1-88446-625-7)

Championship Table (The) - At the World Series of Poker (Highlights, Winning Strategies and Champion Interviews, by Smith, Dana & McEvoy, Tom & Wheeler, Ralph (2004), 208pp (ISBN: 1-58042-125-3)

Championship Tournament Practice Hands, by McEvoy, Tom & Cloutier, T J (2003), 224pp (ISBN: 1-88446-644-3)

Chance and Luck: A Discussion of the Laws of Luck, Coincidences…, by Proctor, Richard Anthony (1887), 263pp (ISBN: LOC# QA/273.P96)

Cheating at Cards - The Cases in Court, by Welcome, John (1963)

Chips that Pass in the Night - Narratives of Poker and the Race Track, by Underwood, Drury (1915), 60pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# 12314.e.63)

Chip-Wrecked in Las Vegas, by Vinson, Barry (1994) (ISBN: 0-934422-07-9)

Cincinnati Kid (The) - A Novel, by Jessup, Richard (1964), 154pp

Common Sense in Poker, by Steig, Irwin (1963), 188pp (ISBN: 0-883650-80-0)

Compendium of Poker - With the Latest America Code of Laws, etc., by Bergholt, Ernest (1929), 38pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# D-7911.a.101)

Complete Book of Hold'em Poker (The) - A Comprehensive Guide to Playing and Winning, by Carson, Gary (1999), 313pp (ISBN: 0-81840-605-4)

Complete Card Player, by Ostrow, Albert (1945), 771pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1243.D8)

Complete Guide to Winning Poker (The), by Morehead, Albert Hodges (1967), 286pp (ISBN: 0-6712-1646-5)

Complete Hoyle - Encyclopedia of All Indoor Games Played at the Present Day, with Suggestions for Good Play, a Full Code of Laws, Illustrative Hands, and a Brief Statement of the Doctrine of Chances as Applied to Games, by Foster, Robert Frederick (1897)

Complete Poker Game, by Coffin, George Sturgis (1950)

Complete Poker Player (The) - A Practical Guide Book to the American National Game - Containing Mathematical and Experimental Analyses of the Probabilities at Draw Poker, by Blackbridge, John (1880), 142pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.B6)

Complete Poker Player (The) & Decisions - and Extra Hands and the Elaborate Calculations, by Blackbridge, John (1885), 284pp (ISBN: Note: Doubled in size from 1880 edition)

Complete Poker Room, (The), by Ferry, Chuck (1998), 96pp

Computer Guide to Hold 'em Poker (The), by Zahrobsky, Robert F (1979)

Confessions of a Poker Player, by King, Jack (aka Allen Dowling) (1940), 209pp (ISBN: LOC# GVl253.D62)

Contributions to the Theory of Games - Vol I, by Kuhn, H W & Tucker, A W (editors) (1950), 201pp

Contributions to the Theory of Games - Vol II, by Kuhn, H W & Tucker, A W (editors) (1953), 395pp (ISBN: 0-691079-35-8)

Cotton's Complete Gamester - 1674, by Cotton (1674) (ISBN: Note: Described "post & pair")

Cotton's Complete Gamester - 1721, by Cotton (1721) (ISBN: Note: Described "brag" and bluffing)

Course in Professional Poker Playing (A), by Carcini, Nick (1965)

Cowboys, Gamblers & Hustlers - The True Adventures of a Rodeo Champion & Poker Legend , by Wolford, Byron "Cowboy" (2001), 304pp (ISBN: 1-88446-637-0)

Crazy Pineapple - High-Low Split, by Rhode, Skip & Toms, John (1994), 88pp

Creative Poker - A Comprehensive Introduction to the Game of Poker Plus Expert Advice for those Who Think They Know it All but Wouldn't Bet on it, by Henry, Ros & Phillips, Brian (1985), 187pp (ISBN: 0-330289-89-6)

Crossroader (The) - The Memoirs of a Professional Gambler, by Moore, N M (Year?), 177pp

Crowd (The) - A Study of the Popular Mind, by Le Bon, Gustave (1994), 207pp (ISBN: 0-877971-68-4)

Culbertson's Card Games Complete with Official Rules, by Culbertson, Ely (1950), 656pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1243.C8)

Deal Me In!, by Golick, Margie (1988), 190pp (ISBN: 0-884322-53-X)

Dealer's Choice - How to Play Over 150 Forms of Poker, by Thackrey, Ted Jr (1971), 212pp

Dealer's Choice - The World's Greatest Poker Stories, by Lewis, Jerry (editor) (1955), 277pp

Dealing with Cheats, by Livingston, A D (1973)

Decisions on Moot Points of Draw Poker, by Anonymous (1897)

Descriptive Catalogue of Playing and Other Cards in the British Museum (A), by Willshire, William Hughes (1876), 360pp

Deuces Wild (a novel), by Lenteric, Bernard (1983), 208pp (ISBN: 0-00222-609-X)

Diary of 20-30 Years Spent in America as an Actor, by Cowells, Joe (1829) (ISBN: Note: First mention of "poker" in any book)

Dictionary of Card Games (A), by Parlett, David (1992), 642pp (ISBN: 0-198691-73-4)

Double Down (a novel), by Kakonis, Tom E (1991), 320pp (ISBN: 0-525933-26-3)

Dragoon Campaigns to the Rocky Mountains, by Hildreth (1836) (ISBN: Note: Mention's poker)

Draw Poker - A Compilation of Rules Governing the Game of "Jack Pots", by Heineman, Walter Raleigh (aka Jack Pot) (1923), 48pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.H4)

Draw Poker - The Standard Game - A Practical Guide to Advanced Poker, by Hoffman, William (1912), vii+113pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# Mic.A.7755)

Draw Poker and Spoil Five, by Anonymous (1884), 63pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# Mic.A.6743)

Draw Poker without a Master - How to Play the Fascinating Game of Draw-Poker with Success.  Together with the Laws of the Game., by Guerndale, Richard (1889), 82pp

Draw Poker, by Dick, William Brisbane (1887)

Draw Poker, by Schenick, Robert Cummings (1880), 8pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.S32)

Drawing Dead (a novel), by Hautman, Pete (1993), 285pp (ISBN: 0-6710-0302-X)

Education of a Poker Player (The) - Including Where and How One Learns to Win, by Yardley, Herbert Osborn (1957), 129pp (ISBN: 0-6712-0561-7)

Elements of Seven Card Stud Poker (The), by Othmer, Konstantin (1996), 258pp

Encyclopedia of Draw Poker (An), by Anno, James N (1973), 159pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.A56)

Esquire's Book of Gambling, by Newman, David (1962)

Essays on Poker, by Sklansky, David (1981)

Evolution of a Poker Player, by James, Steven (2003), 98pp (ISBN: 0-972755-83-7)

Experimental Drawing at Poker from Five Thousand Hands, by Gilkie, Robert J (1886), 13pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.G47)

Expert at the Card Table (The), by Erdnase, S W (1902)

Fabulous Las Vegas in the 50s - Glitz, Glamour and Games, by Basten, Fred E & Phoenix, Charles (2003), 127pp (ISBN: 1-883318-37-8)

Faro Notes - Revolutionary Card Technique-Chapter Seven, by Marlo, Edward (1969), 71pp

Fast Company - How Six Master Gamblers Defy the Odds - And Always Win, by Bradshaw, Jon (1975), 175pp (ISBN: 1-84344-013-X)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream, by Thompson, Hunter (1998), 224pp (ISBN: 0-679785-89-2)

Fighting Fuzzy Thinking in Poker, Gaming, and Life, by Sklansky, David (1997), 207pp (ISBN: 1-88068-517-5)

Fireside Book of Cards, by Jacoby, Oswald & Morehead, Albert (editors) (1957), 364pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1239.J3)

Flop - The Art of Winning at Low-Limit Hold'em, by Burke, Richard G (2003), 116pp

Foolproof - A 30-Day Training Program to Hold'em Success, by Allen, Richard (1998), 221pp

Football Poker, by Anonymous (Year?)

Formula Won - Hold'em for the Power Player, by Barry, Michael (1992)

Fortune Poker - A World-wide Roundup of the Traditional American Game, by Coffin, George Sturgis (1949), 198pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.C65)

Foster's Complete Hoyle - An Encyclopedia of Games, by Foster, Robert Frederick (1909), 686pp

Foster's Practical Poker, by Foster, Robert Frederick (1904), xiv+252pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251)

Free Money - How to Win in the Cardrooms of California, by Wiesenberg, Michael (1984), 332pp (ISBN: 0-89746-027-8)

Friday Night Poker - 135 Poker Variations, by Dykema, Tom (2003)

Friday Night Poker - Or Penny Poker for Millions, by Roddy, Irv (aka Rottenberg, Irving) (1961), 222pp (ISBN: 0-6712-1348-2)

Friendly Game (A)? The Textbook for Protecting Yourself from Being Cheated at Poker, by Morris, Bert (1996), 123pp (ISBN: 0-965462-30-7)

Friendly Game of Poker (A) - 52 Takes on the Neighborhood Game  , by Austen, Jake (Editor) (2003), 252pp (ISBN: 1-556525-12-5)

Full House (#14), by Masters, Zeke (1982)

Fundamentals of Poker (The), by Malmuth, Mason & Loomis, Lynne (1999), 72pp (ISBN: 1-88068-524-8)

Gamblers Don't Gamble - A Card Detective's Revelations of Gamblers' Secrets, by McDougall, Michael & Furnas, J C (1939)

Gambler's Guide to the World (The), by May, Jesse (2000), 307pp (ISBN: 0-7679-0552-0)

Gambler's Rose (a novel), by Hawkes, G W (2000), 200pp (ISBN: 1-878448-96-X)

Gambling for a Living, by Sklansky, David & Malmuth, Mason (1997)

Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek, by Thackrey, Ted Jr (1968)

Gambling Theory and Other Topics, by Malmuth, Mason (1987), 313pp (ISBN: 1-88068-503-5)

Gambling, Game, and Psyche, by Knapp, Bettina (2000), 308pp (ISBN: 0-79144-384-1)

Game of Draw Poker - Mathematically Illustrated - Being a Complete Treatise of the Game, by Winterblossom, Henry T (1875), 72pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.W55)

Game of Draw Poker (The) - Including the Treatise by R C Schenck and Rules for the New Game of Progressive Poker , by Keller, John William (1887), 84pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.K59)

Game of Draw Poker for Poker-Players -  With the Treatise by the Honorable R C Schenck., by Debebian, Denis (1887), 25pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# D-7913.a.58)

Game Theory - A Nontechnical Introduction, by Davis, Morton (1970) (ISBN: 0-4650-2626-5)

Game Theory - Introduction & Applications, by Romp, Graham (1997), 294pp (ISBN: 0-198775-02-4)

Game Theory and Applications - Vol 9, by Petrosjan L A & Mazalov V V (editors) (2003) (ISBN: 1-590338-43-X)

Game, Set, and Math, by Stewart, Ian (1991)

Games and Amusements, by Anonymous (1910), 140pp

Games and Fun with Playing Cards, by Leeming, Joseph (1980)

Gentleman's Handbook on Poker (The), by Florence, William Jermyn (1892), xi+195pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.F83)

Get Rich Playing Poker, by Anthony, Ross (1975)

Get the Edge at Low-Limit Texas Hold'em  - From the Kitchen to the Cardroom, by Burton, Bill (2002), 302pp (ISBN: 1-56625-189-3)

Getting the Best of It, by Sklansky, David (1989), 310pp (ISBN: 1-88068-504-3)

Girls' Poker Night - A Novel of High Stakes, by Davis, Jill (2002), 227pp (ISBN: 0-375505-14-8)

Great American Pastime (The), by Dowling, Allen Nicholas  (aka Jack King) (1970), 244pp

Great Scandals of Cheating at Cards, by Welcome, John (1964)

Greatest Book of Poker for Winners! (The) - The Four Basic Rules and Strategies for Winning at the Game of Poker, by Epstein, George & Abrams, Daniel E (2001), 310pp (ISBN: 0-938648-43-8)

Hand I Played (The) - A Poker Memoir, by Spanier, David (2001), 246pp (ISBN: 0-87417-490-2)

Handbook of Winning Poker (The), by Siberstang, Edwin (1996), 159pp (ISBN: 0-94068-560-4)

High Stakes Poker - The Sky's the Limit, by Young, Doug (1993), 144pp (ISBN: 0-9697386-0-9)

High-Low-Split Poker, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha Eight-or-better - For Advanced Players, by Zee, Ray (1996), 333pp (ISBN: 1-88068-510-8)

Hill's Vest Pocket Hoyle - A Book of Card Games, by Hoyle, Edmond (1900)

Hints on Poker, by Gray, E Archer (1886), 16pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.G77)

History and Anecdotes of Card Games (Especially Poker), 43 Cuttings From Newspapers, Gift of Prof. Brander Matthews to the Library of Congress, by Anonymous (Year?) (ISBN: LOC# GV1233.H8)

History of Card Games, by Parlett, David (1991)

History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming (A), by Hargrave, Catherine Perry (1930), 462pp

History of Playing Cards, by Taylor, Ed (1973)

Hold'em Excellence - From Beginner to Winner, by Krieger, Lou (2000), 175pp (ISBN: 1-88607-014-8)

Hold'em Poker - The First Definitive Book Ever Written on the Texas-derived Word Championship Poker Game - by a Pro Player, by Sklansky, David (1976), 63pp (ISBN: 0-911996-67-2)

Hold'em Poker Bible - A Poker Classic, by Davis, Dick (1983), 277pp (ISBN: 0-892271-04-3)

Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players - 21st Century Edition (revised from 1988 edition, 150 pages added), by Sklansky, David & Malmuth, Mason (1999), 332pp (ISBN: 1-88068-522-1)

Hold'em Poker for Advanced Players, by Sklansky, David & Malmuth, Mason (1988), 182pp

Hold'em Poker for Winners, by Anderson, Carl (1982) (ISBN: 0-896507-41-6)

Hold'em Poker in a Nutshell, by Moore, J C (1993), 44pp

Hold'em Split - Eight or Better for Low, by Payne, John (1990), 145pp

Hold'em's Odds Book - Gives You an Edge, by Petriv, Mike (1996), 207pp (ISBN: 0-968122-30-2)

Home Poker - Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why, by Fox, John (1983) (ISBN: 0-940416-02-6)

House of Cards, by Ryan, Conall (2002), 298pp (ISBN: 1-902881-61-3)

How Good is Your Pot-Limit Hold'em?, by Reuben, Stewart (2004), 207pp (ISBN: 1-90446-808-X)

How Good is Your Pot-Limit Omaha?, by Reuben, Stewart (2003), 192pp (ISBN: 1-90446-807-1)

How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker, by Brunson, Doyle (1978), 605pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.B78)

How Not to Lose at Poker, by Castle, Jeffrey Lloyd (1970), 150pp (ISBN: 0-432020-90-X)

How to Be a Consistent Winner in the Most Popular Card Games, by Crawford, John R (1953), 256pp

How to Beat Low-Limit 7-Card Stud Poker, by Kammen, Paul (2003), 184pp (ISBN: 1-58042-105-9)

How to Beat the Game, by Garrett, Brown (1903), 117pp

How to Beat Winning Hold'em Players (56 min video), by Tracy, Ben & Marks, Joe (Year?), 56mpp

How to Deal Casino Games - Poker - Volumes I, II (videos), by Janik, Joe & Smith, Larry (Year?)

How to Hustle Home Poker, by Fox, John (1981) (ISBN: 0-896507-44-0)

How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling for a Living, by Sklansky, David (1997), 304pp (ISBN: 1-88068-516-7)

How to Play and Win at Poker, by Montgomery, John (1978)

How to Play Poker - And Other Gambling Card Games , by Arnold, Peter (2004), 176pp (ISBN: 0-600609-22-7)

How to Play Poker - Foulsham's Games Guides, by Strong, Julian (1920), 64pp

How to Play Poker and Win - The Late Night Poker Guide, by McNally, Brian & Thompson, John & McIlroy, Barry (2000), 176pp (ISBN: 0-752272-19-5)

How to Play Poker and Win, by Radner, Sidney (1957), 94pp

How to Play Stud Poker - Little Blue Book #1630, by Fisher, George Henry (1931), 64pp

How to Play Winning Poker, by Cardoza, Avery D (1987), 152pp (ISBN: 0-94068-504-3)

How to Read a Person Like a Book, by Nirenberg, Gerald (1990), 192pp (ISBN: 0-671735-57-8)

How to Spot Card Sharps and their Methods - Exposes The Crooked Cards Devices And Methods Used By Gamblers To Cheat At Card Games, by Radner, Sidney (1957), 95pp

How to Win at Draw Poker Scientifically, by Anonymous (1900)

How to Win at Draw Poker- Showing all the Chances of the Game, by Patton, F Jarvis (1896), 45pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.P32)

How to Win at Draw Poker, by Smith, Johnson (1935)

How to Win at Low-Limit Casino Poker, by Smith, Shane (2000), 36pp

How to Win at Omaha High-Low Poker, by Cappelletti, Michael (2003), 304pp (ISBN: 1-58042-114-8)

How to Win at Poker (was Secrets of Modern Poker 1964), by Reese, Terence & Watkins, Anthony (1972), 148pp (ISBN: 0-87980-070-4)

How to Win at Poker and Solo, by Anonymous (1975), 64pp

How to Win at Poker Tournaments, by McEvoy, Tom (1985), 175pp (ISBN: 0-89746-055-3)

How to Win at Poker, by Moss, John (aka Jack Potter) (1950), 92pp (ISBN: 0-385000-94-4)

How to Win at Poker, by Mossman, James (1950)

How to Win at Poker, by Potter, Jack (1955)

How to Win at Stud Poker - A Poker Classic, New Material Edition, by Wickstead, James M (1944), 115pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.W5)

How to Win at Wild Card Poker, by Zachary, Hugh (1975), 118pp (ISBN: 0-828902-50-X)

Hoyle (American version), by Anonymous (1867) (ISBN: Note: First mention of draw poker in Hoyles - ante, a straight, straight flush)

Hoyle (American version), by Frere, Thomas (1857) (ISBN: Note: Mentions full deck, 10 players, no draw)

Hoyle Modern Encyclopedia of Card Games, by Gibson, Walter (1974), 398pp (ISBN: 0-385076-80-0)

Hoyle Up to Date - Official Rules for All Games, by Morehead, Albert H & MottSmith, Geoffrey (1980), 279pp (ISBN: 0-44801-984-1)

Hoyle's Card Games, by Dawson, Lawrence (1982) (ISBN: 0-710001-15-0)

Hoyle's Games - Improved, by Beaufort, James (1796), 204pp (ISBN: Note: Possibly the First Hoyles in US, 3 copies made, different publishing houses)

Hoyle's Games (American version), by Anners (1845), 246pp (ISBN: Note: First mention poker in a Hoyles - "20 card poker and bluff")

Hoyle's Games, by Halligan, H D (1911)

Hoyle's Rules of Games - 1940 - Autograph Edition, by Hoyle, Edmond (1940)

Hoyle's Rules of Games - 1949, by Morehead, Albert Hodges (1949) (ISBN: 0-451124-94-4)

Hoyle's Rules of Games, by Seymour, Paul (1931)

If You are Going to Play Poker . . . Win, by Winfield, T D (1971)

Il Poker Familiare - Come si Giuoca in Italia, by Walter & Philip (pseud) (1945), 81pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.W3)

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Read 'em and Weep - A Bedside Poker Companion , by Stravinsky, John (Editor) (2003), 235pp (ISBN: 0-060559-58-6)

Real Poker - The Cooke Collection, by Cooke, Roy & Bond, John (1991), 400pp (ISBN: 1-880069-50-8)

Real Poker II - The Play of Hands, by Cooke, Roy & Bond, John (2001), 248pp

Reglas de Oro del Poker, by Machado, La Guardia (1947)

Renaissance Poker - A Cookbook, by Johnson, William (1996)

Ring Game (a novel), by Hautman, Pete (1998), 420pp (ISBN: 0-6710-2145-1)

Robert's Rules of Poker, by Ciaffone, Bob (2001), 71pp

Round Games of Cards, by Cavendish (pseud for Henry Jones) (1875), iv+55pppp (ISBN: Note: First published book description of poker in England)

Rounders (a novel), by Canty, Kanty & Levien, David & Koppelman, Brian (1998) (ISBN: 0-786883-98-7)

Rounders (the screenplay), by Levien, David (1998)

Royal Auction Bridge and Poker, by Browning, Hanworth Stephen (1920), 64pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# Mic.A.9929)

Rules for Playing Draw Poker (Game of Euchre), The, by Meehan, C H W (1877)

Rules for Playing Poker, by Schenick, Robert Cummings (1880), 17pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.S32)

Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle (The), by Wolpin, Stewart (1990), 350pp (ISBN: 0-942257-19-7)

Rules of Poker, by Ferry, Chuck (2002), 95pp

Rules of Poker, by Schenick, Robert Cummings (1872) (ISBN: Note: US Minister to England, Rules created for summerhouse in Somersetshire, England.  A prominent duchess privately printed those rules for her court. The game caught Queen Victoria's fancy, and poker in England soon became known as "Schenck poker")

Rules of the Game of Poker, by Godin, Seth (1997) (ISBN: 0-836225-62-7)

Scarne on Cards - Including a Photographic Section on Cheating at Cards, by Scarne, John (1949), 402pp (ISBN: 0-451167-65-1)

Scarne's Encyclopedia of Card Games, by Scarne, John (1983), 474pp (ISBN: 0-060910-52-6)

Scarne's Guide to Modern Poker, by Scarne, John (1979), 307pp (ISBN: 0-6712-4796-4)

Science of Draw Poker (The) - A Treatise Comprising the Analysis of Principles, Calculation of Chances, Codification of Rules, Study of Situations, Glossary of Poker Terms Necessary to Gain a Complete Understanding of the Great American Game, by Curtis, David A (1901), 216pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.C95)

Science of Poker (The), by Mahmood, Dr Mahmood N (2003), 238pp (ISBN: 1-843440-14-8)

Scientific Poker, by Ankeny, Nesmith (1967)

Secret to Winning Big in Tournament Poker (The), by Buntjer, Ken (1994), 192pp (ISBN: 0-964362-80-5)

Secrets of Modern Poker (revised from Poker-Game of Skill 1962), by Reese, Terence & Watkins, Anthony (1964), 156pp (ISBN: 0-87980-070-4)

Secrets of Winning Poker - Outplaying the Best of 'em!, by Sheanan, Tex (1993), 200pp (ISBN: 1-88446-602-8)

Secrets of Winning Poker (revised version of Fortune Poker), by Coffin, George Sturgis (1949), 108pp (ISBN: 0-87980-314-2)

Secrets to Winning Poker - Texas Hold'em Online, by Unknown (2004), 100pp

Serious Poker, by Kimberg, Daniel Y (2000), 318pp (ISBN: 0-9703789-0-4 )

Seven Card Stud - The Waiting Game, by Percy, George (1979), 80pp (ISBN: 0-896509-03-6)

Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players - 21st Century Edition (revised from 1989 edition, >100 pages added), by Sklansky, David (1999), 326pp (ISBN: 1-88068-523-X)

Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players, by Sklansky, David (1989), 220pp (ISBN: 1-88068-502-7)

Shakespeare on Poker, by Ballard, Martha (1906) (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# 011768.a.26)

Sharps and Flats, by Maskelyne, John Nevi (1892)

Short History of Las Vegas (A), by Land, Barbara & Land, Myrick & Rocha, Guy Louis (1999), 200pp (ISBN: 0-87417-326-4)

Short History of Playing Cards (A) - Limited Edition, by Gurney, Benham (1935), 55pp

Short Money (a novel), by Hautman, Pete (1997), 320pp (ISBN: 0-6710-0303-8)

Shut Up and Deal (a novel), by May, Jesse (1998), 223pp (ISBN: 0-385489-40-4)

Silberstang's Encyclopedia of Games and Gambling - A Modern Hoyle for Sophisticated Gamers, by Silberstang, Edwin (1996) (ISBN: 0-94068-555-8)

Silberstang's Guide to Poker, by Siberstang, Edwin (1985), 124pp (ISBN: 0-399511-76-8)

Silent Language, by Hall, Edward (1959), 224pp (ISBN: 0-385055-49-8)

Simple Three-person Poker Game (A) - Contributions to the Theory of Games, by Nash, John (1950), 201pp

Six Popular Card Games, by Anonymous (1921), 30pp

Sklansky on Poker - Including a Special Section on Tournament Play, and Sklansky on Razz, by Sklansky, David (1989), 223pp (ISBN: 1-88068-506-X)

Sklansky: The Seminar (67 min video), by Tracy, Ben & Marks, Joe (Year?), 67mpp

Sklansky: The Video (90 min video), by Tracy, Ben & Marks, Joe (Year?), 90mpp

Sky's the Limit (The) (a novel), by Livingston, A D (1966)

Smart Poker - How to Play It and Win, by Thatcher, L C (1940)

Smarter Bet Guide to Poker, by Nestor, Basil (2002) (ISBN: 0-760728-80-1)

South Fifth Avenue Poker Club (The), by Carleton, Henry Guy (1888) (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# MFR-3052*4630*)

Stand Pat - or Poker Stories from the Mississippi, by Curtis, David A (1906)

Starting Out in Poker, by Reuben, Stewart (2001), 160pp (ISBN: 1-857442-72-5)

Stepping Up - The Recreational Player's Guide to Beating Casino and Internet Poker, by Burgess, Randy (2004) (ISBN: 1-88607-018-0)

Stone Cold (a novel), by Hautman, Pete (1998), 163pp (ISBN: 0-6898-1759-2)

Strategy in Poker, Business & War, by McDonald, John (1950), 128pp (ISBN: 0-393002-25-X)

Stud Poker and Mathematics, by Sinkkonen, Heikki (1979), 119pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# X.622/9215)

Stud Poker Blue Book - The Only Standard Authority, by Fisher, George Henry (1934), 111pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.F5)

Super System - A Course in Power Poker (reprinted from How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker), by Brunson, Doyle (1979), 624pp (ISBN: 1-58042-081-8)

Super System 2 - A Course in Power Poker, by Brunson, Doyle (2004) (ISBN: 1-58042-136-9)

Tales Out of Tulsa, by Baldwin, Bobby (1984), 167pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.B34)

Talk of Uncle George (Pseud.) to His Nephew about Draw Poker - Containing Valuable Suggestions in Connection with this Great American Game, by Anonymous (1883), 50pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.T2)

Tao of Poker (The) - 285 Rules to Transform Your Game and Your Life, by Phillips, Larry (2003), 244pp (ISBN: 1-580628-37-0)

Tap City (a novel), by Abell, Ron (1985), 274pp (ISBN: 0-316002-00-3)

Teach Yourself Card Games, by Parlett, David (1993) (ISBN: 0-658000-85-3)

Teach Yourself How to Win at Poker, by Levez, Belinda (2001), 103pp (ISBN: 0-071407-16-2)

Telling Lies - Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage, by Ekman, Paul (1986) (ISBN: 0-425092-98-4)

Telling Lies and Getting Paid, by Konik, Michael (2001) (ISBN: 0-92971-273-0)

Texas Hold'em - A Superb Guide to Help You Win at this Much Loved and Increasingly Popular Poker Game, by Unknown (2004), 50pp

Texas Hold'em Flop Types, by Badiza-degan, Mort (2000), 149pp (ISBN: 0-615117-32-5)

Texas Hold'em Poker - Claiming $2-$5 - with Begin to Win CD, by Conly, G Ed (2000)

Texas Hold'em Poker - Fundamentals for Winning (52 min video), by Anonymous (Year?), 52mpp

Texas Hold'em Poker for Low-Limit Players, by Warren, Ken (1990), 175pp (ISBN: 0-962684-21-X)

Texas Hold'em Poker Series - Begin To Win! (Audio CD), by Conly, G Ed (2000) (ISBN: 0-97054-660-2)

The Art of Deception - An Introduction to Critical Thinking: How to: Win an Argument, Defend a Case, Recognize a Fallacy, See Through a Deception..., by Capaldi, Nicholas (1987), 222pp (ISBN: 0-879754-24-9)

The Laws of Club Poker - 1961 - As Adopted by the Executive Committee of Crockford's Club, by Lezard, C V (ed) (1961), 69pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# X.499/920)

The Mott Street Poker Club - The Secretary's Minutes, by Trumble, Alfred (1888), 50pp

The Wild Card - A Novel, by Jospeph, Mark (2001), 320pp (ISBN: 0-31226-120-9)

Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic (The), by Epstein, Richard A (1977), 450pp (ISBN: 0-122407-61-X)

Theory of Games and Statistical Decisions, by Blackwell, David (1979) (ISBN: 0-4866-3831-6)

Theory of Poker (The), by Sklansky, David (1989), 276pp (ISBN: 1-88068-500-0)

Thursday-Night Poker - How to Understand, Enjoy - and Win, by Steiner, Peter O (1996) (ISBN: 0-679760-20-2)

To Gamble or Not to Gamble, by Wagner, W (1972)

Total Poker, by Spanier, David (1977), 255pp (ISBN: 0-6712-241-7)

Tournament Poker - The Bible to Winning all 11 Games in the World Series of Poker (reissue of 1995 Tournament Poker), by McEvoy, Tom (2004), 428pp (ISBN: 1-58042-123-7)

Tournament Poker for Advanced Players, by Sklansky, David (2002), 236pp (ISBN: 1-88068-528-0)

Tournament Poker, by McEvoy, Tom (1995), 312pp (ISBN: 1-88446-606-0)

Traite Complet du Jeu de Poker, by Virt, L H (1903), 67pp

Traite Mathematique De Jeu De Poker, by Foster, J J (1889)

Treatise on Jack Pot Poker (A) - With the Game of Sancho Pedro, by Abbott, Jack (1881), 64pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.A15)

Treatise on Poker (A), by Philpots, Edward Payne (1903), 93pp (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# Mic.A.11307)

Under the Round Table, by King, Jack (aka Allen Dowling) (1960), 219pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1253.D62)

Une Partie de Poker a Washington - Choses Vues, by Luazann, Stephane (1925) (ISBN: blpc.bl.uk# 12208.ee.54)

Unsinkable Titanic Thompson, by Stowers, Carlton (1982), 234pp (ISBN: 0-9634015-8-0)

Vegas Kid (The), by Vinson, Barry (2003), 197pp

Wacky Side of Poker (The) - Cartoons & Quotes, by Wheeler, Ralph E (1998), 173pp (ISBN: 1-88446-622-2)

Webster's Poker Book - Glorifying America's Favorite Game - with a compartment containing a set of poker chips and a pad of I.O.U. forms ready for instant use, by Webster, Harold Tucker (1922), 126pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1253.W4)

When to Hold 'Em and When to Fold 'Em, by Barnes, William Edwin (2001), 184pp (ISBN: 0-9701884-0-4)

Win at Gin and Poker - A Practical Guide to the Precepts and Strategies that lead to Success at the Card Table, by Armstrong, Dale (1977), 202pp (ISBN: 0-876912-38-2)

Win at Poker, by Rubens, Jeff (1968), 210pp (ISBN: 0-486246-26-4)

Winner's Guide To Internet Poker , by Warren, Ken (2004), 288pp (ISBN: 1-58042-132-6)

Winner's Guide To Omaha Poker , by Warren, Ken (2003), 222pp (ISBN: 1-58042-102-4)

Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker, by Warren, Ken (1996), 223pp (ISBN: 0-94068-559-0)

Winning 7-Card Stud - Transforming Home Poker Chumps into Casino Killers, by Adams, Ashley (2003), 256pp (ISBN: 0-81840-635-6)

Winning at Poker - Essential Hints and Tips, by Scharf, Dave (2003), 256pp

Winning at Poker and Games of Chance, by Cassidy, Jack (1977) (ISBN: 0-915596-20-2)

Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball, by Malmuth, Mason (1987), 351pp (ISBN: 1-88068-507-8)

Winning Low-Limit Hold'em, by Jones, Lee (1997), 198pp (ISBN: 1-88607-004-0)

Winning Methods of Bluffing and Betting in Poker, by Taetzsch, Lynne (1976), 128pp (ISBN: 0-847310-55-8)

Winning Omaha 8 Poker, by Tenner, Mark & Krieger, Lou (2003), 260pp (ISBN: 1-88607-019-9)

Winning Online Texas Hold'em, by Unknown (2004), 100pp

Winning Poker - Draw, Stud and Many Variations of Straight and Wild games --  How to Play and Win (reprint of 1940 Oswald Jacoby on Poker), by Jacoby, Oswald (1949), 189pp (ISBN: LOC# GV1251.J22)

Winning Poker for the Serious Player - The Ultimate Money Making Guide, by Siberstang, Edwin (2002), 306pp (ISBN: 1-580420-56-7)

Winning Poker Strategies and Gambling Stories (Audio Tape), by Preston, Amarillo Slim (Year?)

Winning Poker Strategy, by Siberstang, Edwin (1978), 146pp (ISBN: 0-679141-27-8)

Winning Poker Systems - The First Computer-Derived Winning Systems Every Derived for: Straight Draw Poker, Jacks or Better Draw Poker, Lowball, by Zadeh, Norman (1974), 208pp (ISBN: 0-87980-332-0)

Winning Poker, by Hutchinson, Robert (1993)

Winning Poker, by Sklansky, David (1983) (ISBN: 0-139610-52-9 )

Winning Secrets of a Poker Master, by McEnvoy, J D (1997), 32pp (ISBN: 0-934650-11-X)

Wins, Places and Pros, by Sheanan, Tex (1984) (ISBN: 0-89746-008-1)

Zen and the Art of Poker - Timeless Secrets to Transform Your Game, by Phillips, Larry (1999), 208pp (ISBN: 0-452281-26-1)


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